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Artificial Grass

We at Sajawat Home Furnishing are dedicated to bringing you the very best synthetic grass and sports surfaces this Bangalore has to offer!. Whether it be your Home's courtyard, a tennis court or anywhere, You can be sure that we have the best artificial turf product to meet your requirements. You can be sure that our artificial grass is made using the latest in UV technology, and are designed to withstand our harsh weather conditions.

Natural grass suffers from intensive use and weather, plus maintaining natural grass is quite expensive. Artificial grass for interior design eradicates all the issues pertaining to natural grass. Artificial grass is durable, low at maintenance, weather resistant and economically fit.

Artificial grass is made by combining separate synthetic grass fibres. Artificial grass looks natural and gives a realistic feeling. We believe in quality and we deliver artificial grass for your any kind of need that is performance efficient and reliable.

No Water.. No Maintenance.. Only Grass

" Beautiful Landscaping That Fits To your Budget. "

" Absolutely Earth Friendly and maintenance Free. "

" Don't Need to Bother with a Hover. "

" Sajawat Home furnishings Provides the Best In Quality Durable Artificial Grass "